AUTO IMPOUND INFORMATION        Frequently Asked Questions
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Welcome to the Keene Police Department Automobile Impound Web Page. Some reasons why the department impounds and stores vehicles are:  used in the commission of a crime; being driving with no financial responsibility (insurance); driven by a driver with no identification; as the result of an arrest; found or abandoned property; held in protective custody; left in an area that created a traffic hazard, street blockage or driveway blockage; serious parking violations such as in a fire lane or blocking a fire hydrant; stolen vehicle; and evidentiary purposes.

Vehicles impounded by the Keene Police Department are towed by local wrecker services.  Many of the vehicles are towed to the Keene Police Impound Lot.  Some are towed to local wrecker companies for various reasons.

Information needed to assist the Keene Police Department in locating your vehicle:

  • License plate number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Color, year, make, and model
  • Registered owner's name
Vehicles may be claimed 24 hours a day at the Keene Police Department, at 203 W Hillcrest, Keene, TX 76059.  Call 817-641-7831 for more information.  Click here for directions.

Keene Communications Officers are not allowed to release impounded vehicles.  Only Keene Police Officers may release vehicles, and as such it is important to know that wait times for a vehicle release may vary.  Depending on call volume and other factors officers may not be immediately available.

How do I retrieve property from my impounded vehicle, or from an impounded vehicle that I was driving, if I don't want
to pay the towing and storage fees?
The owner of an impounded vehicle may retrieve any property from the vehicle at no charge by showing proper identification and proof of vehicle ownership.  The driver of the vehicle, or other third party, must obtain a notarized waiver from the owner of the vehicle authorizing release of the property to that person.  Click here for a waiver.

If my vehicle has been impounded for No Insurance and I bring proof of insurance to Keene PD, can I get the fees waived?
No.  Impound fees are set and cannot be adjusted by the
Communications Officers or Police Officers.

If my car is impounded, will I need to get car insurance
before getting it out of the Impound Lot?
Yes.  Keene PD personnel will require proof of insurance on all released vehicles, except for lien holders who are repossessing the vehicle, or vehicles that are towed or trailered away from Keene PD.

What are the hours a vehicle can be retrieved
from the Keene PD Impound Lot?
Vehicles may be released 24 hours a day,
subject to the availability of a Police Officer.

May I present a copy of my driver license or identification card?
No.  The original driver license or identification card must be present.

Why is there a hold on my vehicle?
A hold may be placed on your vehicle for a variety of reasons.  These include: the vehicle was used in the commission of a crime; the vehicle is evidence, or being processed for evidence, in a case; there is a question on vehicle ownership and it is being investigated; the driver did not have permission to be in possession of the vehicle.

Will storage charges still be added while my vehicle is on hold?
No.  Storage fees do not accumulate while a vehicle is on hold.  However, all other fees apply, including storage fees prior to and after the hold and notification fees if applicable.